1976 Aspen R/T and Volare Road Runner

The early 70s oil crisis in the US changed the muscle car world almost overnight. Hemis were long gone and big blocks were on life support. While the 360-powered Aspen R/T and Volare Road Runner were rated at only 170 hp, they were still competitive with the Camaro, Corvette and Trans Ams of the day. Are there many F-body fans out there? See the story at Hooniverse. More pics after the jump!

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Reader’s Rides: Franklin Long’s 1976 Plymouth Road Runner

Hey, it’s our first F-body! Category added! Writes Franklin:

I am the proud original owner of this 1976 Road Runner. I call her “Superchicken.”  I bought her new in 1976 at Sellers Chrysler Plymouth, in Maryland.  Right off the showroom floor. It has the roadrunner package w/ Super Pak, in Spitfire Orange. She has a 318 V-8 (5.3 L), 727 Torqueflite automatic w/ Slap stick on the floor, and she cost a Grand Total of $4,700.00.  Superchicken is ALL original, motor, drivetrain, interior, paint, rallye wheels, bumpers, and body, and it has 93,500 Original miles. It is a daily driver, Not A Trailer Queen, and has been in the rain, snow, and sunshine for 37 years. I am attaching photographs that were taken last year, so you can show it as a daily driver. I also belong to a group called, Aspen/Volare Forum, for all F-Body lovers, Check it out, Thank you.

Thanks Franklin! More pics after the jump!


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