2009 US Air Force “Vapor” Challenger

Up for auction, this 2009 Challenger, built by Galpin Auto Sports in partnership with the United States Air Force, was used as a recruiting tool by showcasing the technological advances employed by the U.S. Air Force. A thermal imaging camera, radar absorbing stealth black paint, a “silent mode” exhaust note, and the ability to be remotely controlled to name but a few features. Michael Knight, eat your heart out. See the features at Mercum Auctions. More pics after the jump!


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2009 Dodge Challenger Drag Pak With Zero Miles on eBay

You’re looking at #76 of just 100 Drag Pak Challengers built in 2009. So what’s so special? This one has ZERO miles on it. Almost five years after it rolled off the assembly line, this Drag Pak Challenger is totally factory fresh and unmolested! The intake is still sealed in plastic! These cars are not street legal and cannot be made street legal. And they are missing lots of stuff–such a a final drivetrain. Still, think of the possibilities here. And the Buy It Now is just $47,900. So… would you preserve it or race it? Tons more pics after the jump, including the eBay auction text.


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