Cool Rallye Green A12 Road Runner Project on eBay

You’re looking at a numbers matching 4-speed Rallye Green 1969 1/2 Plymouth Road Runner. It originally came with a white top and white interior. How cool is that? Yes, it is rough–just look at the shot of the door after the jump–and probably overpriced, but it would be an awesome project for someone–it could end up looking like this when done. It didn’t sell on eBay for the $35,000 Buy It Now, and apparently it is now sitting at Carlisle with a $39,000 asking price. More pics after the jump!


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A12 Road Runner Featured on Muscle Car of the Week

The narrator calls it a “440¬†six pack” when that was a Dodge thing. Plymouth went by “440 Six Barrel.” Still, a cool feature on a cool car, even if the guy never starts it up. Claimed to be the first A12 Road Runner produced, and the one Ronnie Sox drove to a 12.91 quarter mile at 111 mph. Probably doomed to be a trailer queen the rest of its live. Still, check out the video after the jump!


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Lowest Original Mile A12 Super Bee in the World on eBay

This 1969 1/2 Dodge Super Bee definitely lived its life a quarter mile at a time. In fact, this Hemi Orange 440 6 Pack menace never ran on the street or was even registered. Today it has just 720 miles (the seller claims it is the lowest original mile A12 Super Bee in the world). Obviously, it has been restored, and it’s kind of sad that it doesn’t still wear the original paint and graphics from the time that it was raced by Wyman Collie in North Carolina. But it’s still super cool and for sale on eBay now! Tons of pics plus auction text with the full option list after the jump!


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