Running on Empty 1970 Dodge Challenger on eBay

Running on Empty is an Australian cult car movie from 1982 which featured a pretty wild 1970 Dodge Challenger. Well, that car is on eBay now, and the seller claims it’s a numbers matching 440 6-pack car, too! Obviously it’s a right-hand drive car, and the Buy It Now is $149,000 Australian (about $137,000 US dollars). Lots more pics after the jump, along with the original movie, which someone uploaded to YouTube in its entirety. So check out the pics and then make some popcorn and watch!


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Crazy Aussie Mopar Stash Uncovered

This just popped up on YouTube. The guy who shot the video stumbled across a pretty wild Mopar stash which was in the process of being moved to avoid some sort of Aussie government land repossession. After first spotting a Challenger on a trailer out on the street, he managed to talk his way into a tin shed containing several Chargers plus a few wing cars up under the eves. Apparently some were used in movies? Check out the cool collection after the jump!


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