Original Paint B5 Blue 4-Speed 1969 Plymouth Road Runner on eBay

Unrestored Mopars are getting harder and harder find. And this one comes with a very cool story. More pics plus eBay auction text after the jump! I’m not sure how long this one will last with a Buy It Now of $19,500. If you are looking for an original 4-speed car, you might want to jump on this one!


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Movie Mopar of the Week: 1971 Plymouth Barracuda Convertible from The Brady Bunch

This week’s movie Mopar is the 1971 Plymouth Barracuda convertible from the Brady Bunch. It’s a plain jain B5 318 automatic car, but of course any 1971 Barracuda convertible is cool cause they made so few of them–just 722 in total. I had a hard time finding any clips with the Barracuda on YouTube, but I did manage to find one where Greg is at a drive-in with a date, only to have Bobby screw it up (along with the Barracuda’s convertible top). Check it out after the jump! Pic via IMCDB


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