Cuda Trio on eBay

Are you and two friends looking to buy Cuda’s? Good news. You can buy all three from the same seller. Barn Finds located this bevy of restored beauties on eBay; two Hemi Cuda’s and a 440 six barrel, all sporting Shaker hoods. They’re being sold as a package deal but they will split them if the money talks loud enough. Follow the eBay bidding here. More pics after the jump!


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1971 Plymouth Barracuda on eBay

OK, WAS on eBay. Sorry but we spotted this one on Barn Finds a bit late. However, it was not sold so if you’re in the market for a small block, 4-speed E-body, you may want to reach out to the owner. Bring a big bankroll however, as a $27,200 bid did not reach the reserve price. We think the market may have made the correct call on this one though. That’s a lot of rust! More pics after the jump. Original eBay ad here.


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No Reserve 1970 Barracuda on eBay

Do abandoned projects make the best projects? While certainly a diamond in the rough, at least much of the teardown seems to be completed in this 1970 Barracuda. The block is a 318 and used to be topped with a 2 bbl. Per the seller, “the hood, roof, and doors appear to be in very good condition. The floor pans are very nice, and frame rails are solid.” The rest of the car will need some work. With no reserve, it could go for a decent price. Follow the eBay bidding here. More pics after the jump!


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1970 Plymouth Cuda Restomod Going to Auction

Going to the Mecum auction in Dallas later this month is this Lemon Twist Cuda. No 3rd gen Hemi for this restomod though. It’s powered by a 650 hp 528 Hemi sucking the air/fuel mixture through dual 4-barrels and sending power to a Dana 60. The suspension is upgraded to an Alterkation front end combined with an air suspension system. Now, about that stance. Find more info at Mecum Auctions. More pics after the jump!


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Right Hand Drive 1967 Barracuda

One feature of the Mopar muscle car era is the rarity of some models. With a range of power plants to choose from and the ability for a new owner to build his or her car to their exact specifications from a plethora of available options, there were many cars produced that had very few identical twins. Purported to be the holy grail “one of one” is this UK market 1967 Barracuda convertible. Follow the bidding here on eBay. More pics and video after the jump!


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Barracuda to Return?

One of the rumor mills favorite subjects is the return of the Barracuda nameplate. FCA’s recent trademark application to keep the Barracuda name in the family stoked the fire. Now, Motor Authority is reporting that a Barracuda (in convertible form no less) was shown at the FCA dealer group meeting in Las Vegas. Said to be slightly smaller than the Challenger, it is reported to be based on the new rear-wheel drive Alfa Romeo Giulia platform. (The photo below is of a previous concept car, not the car displayed in Las Vegas). Find more info at Motor Authority.