The Other Auction – Gooding & Company

Lots of auctions are going on during auction week in Phoenix.  Barrett-Jackson and Russo and Steele are the biggest but Gooding is pretty big, too. They tend to have more high end and European cars but they had a couple of Mopars. Of course we had to check them out…

One Mopar was a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.  Was not so impressed with this car as it was missing its fender tag and was a 440-4 car.  It is a 4-speed car though. Auction estimate was $80-100k!


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Barrett-Jackson 2015 Coverage!

Mopar Blog is down at the Arizona auctions again this year and will be posting photos and updates throughout the week. Here are a couple of cars we thought were cool at Barrett-Jackson so far.

This is a factory FY1 bright yellow paint wagon and it went across the block today.  It went for $5700, you can still find bargains at Barrett!


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Day 1 at Barrett-Jackson

Today was the first day of cars going across the block at Barrett Jackson and it was a very fun and exciting day. They have an all new facility this year with over 1,000,000 square feet of space!  It is amazing how big this place it and they are selling over 1,400 cars from Tuesday to Sunday. Here are a couple of cars that stood out to us, we will post many more later this week with more info on what we thought of them.  Here are a few teaser shots, will go more in depth on these later. More pics after the jump!


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Ever Wondered What It is Like to Sell a Car at Barrett-Jackson? Here is Your Chance to Find Out!

My Dad decided to sell his 1970 Dodge Charger R/T 440 6 Pack car last year and has had trouble getting it sold. He decided a couple of months ago to sell the car at Barrett Jackson with no reserve. We are going to run all of you through all the steps he took to get it entered into Barrett Jackson, prepped for auction, transport the car, drop it off and watch it go over the block.

The car is lot number 501 and is going to be going up on the block Wednesday night on Fox Business channel between 7-8 PM. Are you going to be watching? Should be fun to watch! We will be putting up blog posts all week from Barrett Jackson as well so stay tuned!


Demented Dart

Here’s another one from Barrett Jackson–this one from the 2012 Scottsdale auction. Price was set at $176,000 but there is no indication of whether or not it sold. Apparenlty this was the only Hemi Dart exported to Canada and it raced quite successfully as the “Demented Dart.” At some point it lost the cool blue paint scheme you see here in favor for red. You can see the pics of what it looked like at the time of auction after the jump!


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