1965 Dodge Coronet Race Car With Dodge Hauler

I loved the pics of Judy Stefanski’s 1964 Dodge Polara with the matching Polara wagon tow vehicle, so I started looking around for other cool Mopar car hauling combos. I love this 1965 Dodge Coronet race car on the Dodge hauler. And I have a vintage photo (from the 70s) of a ’65 Belvedere on a hauler after the jump! Via Moparts


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Movie Mopar of the Week: 1967 Plymouth GTX Convertible from Tommy Boy

This is pretty clearly a Belvedere and not a GTX since it’s a bench seat/column shift car. And there is some speculation that it is actually the same car that was used in Joe Dirt. Anyway, the poor Mopar takes a hell of a beating in Tommy Boy. There’s a great compilation of all the scenes with the GTX in the movie after the jump!


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1965 Plymouth Belvedere I A-990 with Just 219 Miles on eBay

Of course, like any super rare, valuable car, this one has some controversy around it–specifically around the removal of the VIN tag. Seem legit? Seller claims just 219 miles on this A-990 car, which appears very complete and intact. They only made 101 of these Hemi race cars in 1965. Bidding is already over $100,000. More pics plus eBay auction text after the jump!


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