Chrysler Sebring Bentley Conversion on Craigslist

I’ve seen a few of these Chrysler Sebring Bentley conversions over the last few years, but this is probably the most extreme one I’ve seen so far, with the 28 inch wheels and Lambo doors. I can’t tell if it’s “finished” or if they were going for the matte look. It can be yours for $15,000. More pics plus the original Craigslist ad text after the jump! Via Jalopnik


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Cool Vanilla

I saw a Cool Vanilla Magnum in traffic the other day and was struck by how unique that color looks. It’s a very creamy white that looks great in my opinion. I couldn’t find any photos online that really do it justice–the photo below from 300Cforums came closest. This color saw a fairly limited production between 2005 and 2006 with a brief return in 2008 on some Chargers. More infe at Chargerforums and LXforums.

2006 Chrysler 300C Cool Vanilla