Edmunds Tries to Pick Fight With Ralph Gilles on Twitter

Edmunds, a site best known for minivan comparisons and new car shopping tools for non-enthusiasts, is trying to pick a fight with Ralph Gilles in Twitter. The Edmunds people have scheduled a comparison test with the new C7 Corvette and claim that Ralph is “scared” to send the new Viper. Ralph claims all the Vipers are booked right now, owing to “Pebble beach, ALMS, Dream Cruise, peak time.. many shows, simply that time of year..” Scott Oldham counters that Ralph is “full of sh##.” Ralph Gilles replies “we are out of cars and clearly told you one is coming next month. Why are you being an A##” and “I am dissapionted with your aggression…” You can read the full exchange on Twitter.

Does Edmunds think this kind of thing helps their credibility or will increase their readership? Ultimately, I agree with Ralph that, while it will be interesting, “I don’t understand how an ultra low volume 180hp more powerful exotic needs to be compared?” At the end of the day Mopar people buy Vipers and Chevy people buy Corvettes. And arguments on Twitter are lame.