Vintage Mopar NASCAR Photo of the Week: Cotton Owens Garage Circa 1967

Want to see what a Championship NASCAR garage looked like in 1967? Well here you go. This is from early 1967 just after the COG had won the 1966 Grand National Championship. Owens was one of the main factory sponsored Chrysler teams at the time and he had a lot of cars to work with compared to other teams in 1967. You can see two 1966 Dodge Charger’s here and you can see what a NASCAR cage looked like in 1967.  The cage was still pretty primitive at this point in Grand National history. Full door bars were not mandatory until 1968.


Vintage Mopar NASCAR Photo of the Week: Cotton Owens at the 67 Daytona Firecracker 400

This photo of the #6 Cotton Owens Dodge Charger at speed was taken at the 1967 Daytona Firecracker 400. The #21 Ford in front is the Wood Brothers car driven by Cale Yarborough who went on to win the race.

Did you know that this was the car used in the Elvis movie Speedway? It is a terrible movie but very 60s. They did all the racing shots on the East Coast and all the close ups were in Hollywood using West Coast racer Jack McCoy’s Charger painted up like the Owens car.


Vintage Mopar NASCAR Photo of the Week: Cotton Owens 1969 Dodge Charger 500

My name is Tom Hergert and I’m the new guest blogger on Mopar Blog. I run a restoration shop in Olympia, Washington called Rocket Restorations. I am going to be doing a NASCAR shot of the week with some tech articles mixed in. We will be doing some articles based on decoding fender tags, build number, and broadcast sheets for our great cars as well. Very excited to join this awesome community.

For our first vintage photo we have a good one–this is the Cotton Owens’ 1969 Dodge Charger 500 with Buddy Baker behind the wheel. They are fitting the template to the car to make sure it is legal (also see other template on the ground next to the car). Notice the 71 K&K Insurance Charger in the background as well.

Keep in mind the date printed on the photo is when it was developed, not when it was taken. This is from the Yankee 600 on August 17, 1969 at Michigan International Speedway.


Cotton Owens 1970 Dodge Charger Daytona For Sale

Although this Daytona has a spotty race history with a bunch of DNFs, it is also the first car to do a lap at NASCAR at over 200 MPH (with famed driver Buddy Baker behind the wheel). And it did score first place at the Darlington Southern 500, again with Buddy driving. I don’t see a price listed, but Bob Severin posted on our Facebook page that it’s listed at Canepa in Scotts Valley, Califonia for $850,000. It’s also totally unrestored, which is super cool. More pics after the jump!


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Cotton Owens Race Car Hauler on eBay

Cotton Owens, the famed NASCAR driver from the 50s, was featured in the April 2013 issue of Mopar Collectors Guide, and they recently inducted him into their Mopar Hall of Fame. He built this car hauler in 1987 using a 1977 D700 cab and chassis married to a 1980 Club Cab section. Power comes from a 413 engine backed up by a 5-Speed transmission. Pretty much the ultimate Mopar car hauler! Check out the pics and auction text after the jump! Via eBay


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