Moparts Mopar of the Month is… a Mustang?

That’s right, you are looking at the Moparts Mopar of the Month. It’s a 2000 Ford Mustang. But it’s powered by a BAE Brad 8X Hemi fed by an F3-136 Procharger. But as you might expect, quite a few Moparts members are not that thrilled about seeing a Mustang featured on their site! Check out the burly Hemi after the jump!


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Funny Craigslist Ad: Found Mustang GT Doors

Why are we featuring a Craigslist ad for Mustang doors on Mopar Blog? Well, read the ad and you’ll see.

I live on Rt. 82 in Garrettsville and was mowing my yard when a blue Dodge Dart went by VERY fast. Next thing I saw was a Mustang following it with no doors. This seemed strange but I continued to mow. As I got closer to the road I saw two large black pieces of metal in my ditch. If you are a Mustang owner who was racing a Dodge on Rt. 82 yesterday I have your doors. Please email me or come back, I don’t want my friends seeing me with these.