Slant Six 1969 Plymouth Fury III on Craigslist

BangShift has found this clean but dusty (is that even possible?) 1969 Fury III on Craigslist. This car is very unusual in that, while the Fury III was near the top of the Fury lineup, it’s equipped with a slant 6 and a manual three speed! Chrysler’s six was a war horse but in a 1969 C-body? Can you say sluggish acceleration? Find the original Craigslist ad here. More pics after the jump!


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Wrap Up From the Charles Kee Estate Sale

The Charles Kee Estate Sale was May 8th and 9th in Brothers, Oregon and it was a blast to attend. They had 1000 boxes of parts for sale and 200 cars, most of it Mopar! I was there from the front lines bidding and buying parts along with a bunch of other Mopar fanatics.  The cars ended up going for pretty cheap, most at not much more than scrap prices with a few exceptions. The parts were a little more expensive but lots of treasures were to be found in the hundreds and hundreds of banana boxes that Charles Kee used to store stuff.  It is hard to show the scale of how many parts were here but we tried with this picture.


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1965 Plymouth Sport Fury Indy Pace Car For Sale on Hemmings

1965 was the first (and last) year that a Plymouth was selected as the Indianapolis 500 pace car. The chosen model was the Sport Fury convertible. There were 35 actual pace cars built for the race. Plymouth also produced one replica for each dealership in the country. That number varies between 1,300 and 1,900, depending on who you believe. See a very nice replica for sale on Hemmings. More pics after the jump!


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Did You Know That Chrysler Has All The Build Records For Pre-1967 Cars?

In addition to the excellent restorations we do here at Rocket Restorations, we also keep our own Mopar registry. When you start to look at the numbers of these cars, by which we mean the VIN number or the fender tag codes or other interesting things, you can find out a lot of information about them you wouldn’t normally see. Patterns start to emerge and you can learn a lot. Need help decoding your Mopar? Send us an e-mail

Did you realize Chrysler still has all the build records for all pre-1967 cars? All you have to do it fill out this form and send it in to Chrysler, just that easy. They will tell you all the options it came with as well as the original selling dealer. Get all the details and forms you need after the jump!


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