Beautiful Black 1963 Plymouth Fury Convertible on eBay

The seller claims this old B-body vert has just 63,000 miles and was fully restored in the early 2000s. All I can say is it’s a knockout. 361 power, push button tranny! Have mercy! More pics and ad text after the jump! Or check it out on eBay

Update: this got bid up to $17,099 but reserve not met! I think if I was the seller I would have held, too!


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1970 Plymouth Fury Suburban on eBay

1970 Furys have the most menacing grille of any car ever. So what could me more awesome than a mean green 1970 Plymouth Fury Suburban wagon? You could fit your entire house in this thing. The seller claims it only has 62,000 miles. And it’s powered by a 402 crate motor. Sounds like it needs a few things sorted out, but man I want this. Ad text and tons more pics after the jump! The eBay auction ends on Wednesday.

Update: looks like the C-barge got bid up to $7,700 but reserve not met!


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