Another AutoTrader General Lee on eBay

In June we showed you one of the General Lees from the recent Auto Trader commercial, that was for sale on eBay. Find it here. There were apparently six Chargers used/abused in the making of that commercial. Now another Charger from the commercial is on eBay. This one isn’t quite as clean as the first one–this one did a lot of the jumps. Follow the eBay auction here. More pics after the jump!


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1968 Dodge Charger General Lee on eBay

It’s the wrong year, has bondo, a 360 and Vectors with too many spokes but hey, it’s orange with the 01 and confederate flag–“close enough” as the seller says–and it’s no reserve so it will sell! Currently north of $15,000–how high will it go? Check out the full auction with more pics and details on eBay!

Update: looks like the auction got shut down early–after more than 40 bids? Wonder what gives?


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General Lee Places Second in Car and Driver’s Movie Car Comparo

Back in 2007 Car and Driver rounded up some of the most iconic movie cars of all time for a little comparison test. The cars included the Batmobile, the Starsky & Hutch Ford Gran Torino, the Back to the Future De Lorean Time Machine, the Mad Max Ford Falcon Interceptor and of course the General Lee.

The particular General Lee they used for the test was built and owned by John Schneider, who played Bo Duke in the show. John had built the car to drive with a “511-cubic-inch old-style Hemi V-8, Brembo four-wheel disc brakes, a Hotchkiss suspension upgrade, and a Gear Vendors overdrive behind the three-speed automatic transmission.” With 550 hp it had plenty of get up and go. Car and Driver was not impressed by the brakes, though, and it ended up getting second to the Batmobile, because, well, I’m not sure why. Read the full story at Car and Driver and see more pics after the jump!


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2011 Dodge Charger vs. The General Lee

What happens when you put a late model Charger up against the late 60s icon? The guys at Edmunds decided to find out. Who do you think won? Check out the video after the jump! There’s also a second interview with Bob Hartwig of Cinema Vehicle Services, who provided the authentic 440-powered General Lee, one of just 17 to survive filming the original TV series.

Note: there used to be an Inside Line article which went along with the video, but Edmunds deleted it when they decided to kill off Inside Line. Go figure. 


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Original Dukes of Hazzard General Lee at 2013 Mopars Unlimited Spring Roundup

What Mopar show would be complete without a General Lee? But this one is legit and fully documented. It was used during the last few seasons of the show, has had the same owner the last 20+ years and is unchanged from the day it left the Warner Brothers lot. More pics plus video after the jump!


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