Hellcat Burnouts

Burnout videos on Youtube. They’re fairly commonplace and are usually posted by ne’er-do-well kids or, as with the Hellcat, pretty much every media organization lucky enough to sit behind the wheel. The best part of the Hellcat burnout compilation video that follows after the jump, as found on Street Legal TV, is that it was posted by none other than FC(don’t say Chrysler)A!


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No Manual Charger For You!

You’d love to buy a new Charger but there is one thing stopping you. (OK, three things if you count those two rear doors). You want a manual gearbox in your 21st century General Lee. Not gonna happen. We kinda already know the answer but Jalopnik’s Oppositelock has an insider who spills the beans (or should we say bean counters). Find the story here.