New Challenger Hellcat Goes to Auction

When asked what a car is worth, a common response is “It’s worth whatever somebody is willing to pay for it”. When the Hellcat was first released to the motoring world, people were shocked, twice; once for Dodge producing a 707 hp car and again when the starting price of $60,990 was announced. With supply limited, speculators moved in, buying Hellcats to flip for an easy profit. Resale prices hitting six figures were not unheard of. Now that a year has passed and the hype has settled a bit, just what is a 2015 Challenger Hellcat worth?  Still more than the sticker? Mercum recently auctioned this  2015 B5 blue, 6 speed Challenger Hellcat with only 13 miles on the odometer. The winning bid was $73,000.


Dodge Charger Hellcat Review

Yes, we realize that the Hellcats have been out for a while now and everybody and their dog has done a video review but heck, if they keep coming, we’re going to keep watching! The Hellcat has raised the bar so high, it deserves all the accolades. The latest is TestDriveNow’s review of the Charger Hellcat. Video after the jump!


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Win Two Challengers

In one corner, a 1970 Challenger R/T 440 4-speed. There were less than 100 built in black. This very car was chosen by Dodge to star in their commercial for the debut of the new for 2012 Challenger. In the other corner, a 2015 Challenger Hellcat X. As 707 hp was not deemed enough, they bolted on two turbochargers to bump the output to over 800 hp! The fine folks at Dream Giveaways have outdone themselves again. The winner also gets $40,000 to cover the taxes! Help some great charities and get a chance to win this dream team. Go to Dream Giveaway now to learn more about these beauties and to purchase tickets!