Movie Mopar of the Week: Joe Dirt’s 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona

You think Vin Diesil’s Daytona is cool? What about Joe Dirt’s Daytona? There is a great writeup on this car over at Californiaclassix. Can you believe the original movie car sold for just $18,000 back in 2002?

Joe Dirt fans should also check out our blog on Joe Dirt’s 1967 GTX convertible. Oh, and check out the video after the jump!


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Movie Mopar of the Week: Joe Dirt’s 1967 GTX Convertible

Welcome to our first Movie Mopar of the Week! I’m gonna try to do one per week (and I’ll probably include TV cars as well).

When people think of Joe Dirt they usually think of the Superbird. We’ll get to that one later. My favorite Mopar in the movie is the ’67 GTX convertible. It’s most likely a ’67 Belvedere cloned to look vaguely like a GTX (though it has a bench seat, plus wrong paint and hood stripes). Anyway, watch the great video compilation with this car after the jump! Oh, and also be sure to check out this guy’s Joe Dirt GTX tribute car.

Joe Dirt 1967 Plymouth GTX

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