Did You Know That Chrysler Has All The Build Records For Pre-1967 Cars?

In addition to the excellent restorations we do here at Rocket Restorations, we also keep our own Mopar registry. When you start to look at the numbers of these cars, by which we mean the VIN number or the fender tag codes or other interesting things, you can find out a lot of information about them you wouldn’t normally see. Patterns start to emerge and you can learn a lot. Need help decoding your Mopar? Send us an e-mail

Did you realize Chrysler still has all the build records for all pre-1967 cars? All you have to do it fill out this form and send it in to Chrysler, just that easy. They will tell you all the options it came with as well as the original selling dealer. Get all the details and forms you need after the jump!


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Rocket Restorations

I dropped by Rocket Restorations in Olympia, Washington yesterday to say hi to my buddy Tom and look around his shop a bit. It was my first visit and I was not disappointed–he had some very cool stuff. Like an A12 Road Runner that was just about done (I would kill for this car). A beautiful freshly painted silver ’69 Charger. A Challenger SE in the middle of a somewhat challenging vinyl top install. A cool Dart GTS. A ’67 Satellite getting a fuel injection setup. A ’62 Dodge convertible that had received a ton of metal work. A few freshly rebuilt motors on stands. Tons and tons of parts. Oh, and his old Barracuda LeMons race car. These guys do great work, so if you are in the area and need help with your Mopar, give ’em a call. (Be sure to like their Facebook page, too.) See the rest of the pics after the jump!


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