Reader’s Rides: Kegan Banister’s 1974 Plymouth Scamp

Today’s reader’s ride is a teenager’s first car, owned by Kegan Banister from Indiana.¬†Writes Kegan:

My first car at 15 is a 1974 Plymouth Scamp 318/904 car, purchased from the original owners family. It came with some dealer paperwork, had a near mint Broadcast sheet in the back seat. Originally KY4 Golden Fawn/Gold. I’m building it as a 70s/80s sorta street machine (8track and all). Currently building a ’68 340/727 for it. I’ve not really had to do all that much to the car since I purchased it. All bodywork has been finished on it, re-chromed bumpers put on. The picture of it in three colors is right after I had bought it.

Definitely a great introduction to the hobby! More pics after the jump!


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Reader’s Rides: Buddy Barraza’s 1973 Plymouth Scamp

Buddy is the second owner of this Scamp. The first owner didn’t take the greatest care of the old A-body, but Buddy is turning that around. He just rebuilt the 318.¬†More pics after the jump!

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Twin Turbo Supra-Powered Plymouth Scamp

We’ve featured a lot of weird non-Mopar Hemi swaps. But this is the first time we’ve featured a Mopar with non-Mopar power. This 1971 Scamp was apparently rescued from an Arizona scrapyard. It then got the full pro touring treatment and then a twin turbo motor out of a Toyota Supra. What do you think? Sacrilegious? More pics after the jump! Via


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