1969 Plymouth Valiant. One Pissed Off Car

Hooniverse has a piece on this angry 1969 Valiant that was featured in Popular Hot Rodding. Left for dead in the Arizona desert, Greening Auto Company transformed this A-body into an autocross warrior. It’s powered by a 478 rear-wheel horsepower Gen III Hemi with a full Art Morrison chassis underneath. They left the bodywork as it was found, battle-scarred from 40 years of abandonment, to show just why it is so pissed off. More pics after the jump!


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768 HP 1968 Plymouth Valiant on eBay

StreetLegal TV found this 1968 Valiant on eBay. The Arizona body is in great shape and the owner has invested in upgrading the brakes, suspension, transmission and added a roll cage. He’s added new wheels and tires all around and, oh yeah, has a 358 cubic inch R5P7 Dodge Nascar engine waiting to be dropped in! Sourced from Ernie Elliot’s engine shop, it produces over 750 horsepower! Check out the auction on eBay. More pics after the jump!


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Violent Valiant

Bangshift, along with Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle in Addison, Illinois, have started a build they have named Project Violent Valiant. The plan is a 1964 Pro-Touring ’64 Valiant sporting a “biggish inch” Chrysler wedge engine with Hilborn fuel injection and backed up by a Tremec stick box. Per Bangshift, “This machine will be a purpose built car with all the flavor of a vintage Trans-Am racer packing the modern technology that’ll make it corner and stop hard enough to make the asphalt beneath its tires scream for mercy.” Sounds evil! Find details here at Bangshift. They promise weekly updates of the build.