Vintage Photos – The New Models Have Arrived! relives the days when new models debuted in September (and that’s the September that was four months before the new model year, not the 16 or 28 months that it can be today). More pics after the jump!


1970s-Mopars-Delivery-21970s-Mopars-Delivery-3 1970s-Mopars-Delivery-4 1970s-Mopars-Delivery-5 1960s-Mopar-delivery 1950s-Mopar-delivery

One thought on “Vintage Photos – The New Models Have Arrived!

  1. hi Jerry barsht just browsing ang saw the old M&G Convoy car carrier my dad worked out of the O.C. in Buffalo,N.Y. he was with the company for 37 yrs. In the Mid 70s i worked for Delavan Trailer Inc for 13 yrs And now i drive for Online Auto Connection 5 car hauler.I think the Old man would be proud I plan on building a model of the old M&G hauler. plz reply .Thx Your Friend Jerry Barsht

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