Violent Valiant

Bangshift, along with Hot Rod Chassis and Cycle in Addison, Illinois, have started a build they have named Project Violent Valiant. The plan is a 1964 Pro-Touring ’64 Valiant sporting a “biggish inch” Chrysler wedge engine with Hilborn fuel injection and backed up by a Tremec stick box. Per Bangshift, “This machine will be a purpose built car with all the flavor of a vintage Trans-Am racer packing the modern technology that’ll make it corner and stop hard enough to make the asphalt beneath its tires scream for mercy.” Sounds evil! Find details here at Bangshift. They promise weekly updates of the build.


One thought on “Violent Valiant

  1. My son just acquired a 1965 Valiant signet with the 10.5 compression 273 with hurst 4spd and positraction. All original paint and interior. Car has no dents or rust. It has been sitting in a garage for several years. It will need new brake system and all suspension. One owner purchased it in California and not it is in Texas. He loves what you did with your car and wants to do things like that to his. Can you give me any information to help us be focused in the right direction.

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