Viper Defender on eBay

Actually, the auction ended this weekend with the reserve not met, after the car from the famous 90s TV show was bid up to $174,100. The seller claims the same car failed to sell at Mecum back in 2010 for $270,000. More pics plus ad text after the jump! Via eBay

Also, check out the car chase between the Viper Defender and a yellow Z28 Camaro after the jump!


viper-defender-01  viper-defender-03

eBay ad text below

Anyone remember the TV show V.I.P.E.R. from the 1990’s here’s your chances to be a crime fighter.

This car has had a very high end build done to it. The car was built by the company who built the cars for the show and many other TV/Movies UniqueMovieCarsLasVegas. Who better to build it then the company who built them for the show. The car is based on the only thing it was built for which was a Dodge Viper with a V8 motor and it is just as nice as the rest of the car. It runs and drives as good as it looks which you do get a lot of looks in it..

This show was a big hit in the 90’s the show ran from 1992-1999 it was the new knight rider for the 90’s. Nobody else has one of these cars they have not be duplicated like all of the other movie cars out there. This is a true hand built one of a kind, if the car hits the reserve price I will let all of the memorabilia go take a look at the picture attached.

The car is begin sold AS-IS on a BILL-Of-SALE not built for road use, for display and events purposes only

I have explained everything to the best of my knowledge of the car and what I know of the car email with question I will try to answer them the best I can

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