Viper Gets Last Place in Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car Test

So I guess Motor Trend doesn’t like the Viper. Maybe they were mad that SRT gave them a beat press car with some hard miles and worn out tires. But the only car in their test that actually beat the Viper around Laguna Seca was the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series, a car that costs more than twice as much. Hmmm.┬áSo which one is the best driver’s car? Oh, a Porsche that was three seconds slower. Video after the jump.


2 thoughts on “Viper Gets Last Place in Motor Trend’s Best Driver’s Car Test

  1. They’re mad because they couldn’t get a C7 Corvette. Maybe the Viper people didn’t provide a top of the line, massaged car but they didn’t run away like the Corvette suits. I’ve read all the popular car and bike mags but I never did like Motor Trend/Motorcyclist. I never could put my finger on it but generally always passed on them.

  2. I don’t get why they didn’t provide a dedicated car to R/T. If there’s one thing that really promotes your business, is documenting demos for your potential customers to see…be it in this case- with the media. Problems with the demonstrations… is not displaying your business in a positive light. Ralph Giles should’ve foreseen this. Hopefully his group will learn from this and make sure major test demos like this one in the future are given the highest attention possible.

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