Was Your First Car a Mopar?

Mine was a 1963 Plymouth Valiant convertible. Bought it at age 17 for $600 in the mid-80s and sold a few years later. Wonder where it is now…

How about you? Was your first car a Mopar?


5 thoughts on “Was Your First Car a Mopar?

  1. First car was a 69 Charger 440 I bought it at age 14.
    And have only owned Mopars for the next 35 years

  2. My very first car was a 66 Rambler Classic. Had it for one year and then it was nothing but muscle after that ( Darts,Challenger,Cuda and I even had a Demon. Now I am driving a 2010 plum crazy challenger and guess what it matches my 1970 plum crazy challenger. love them both.

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