Wellborn Muscle Car Museum Thinning the Herd

Tim Wellborn has amassed an incredible collection of muscle cars over the years.  At Mecum’s  Kissimmee auction in January, half of his 46 cars will be crossing the auction block. With his first taste of muscle cars being his father’s 1971 Dodge Charger, he has always held Mopars in high esteem. Of the 23 cars going to auction, 15 are Mopars! Find more info of these very special cars at Hemmngs. Pics of Tim’s Dodges and Plymouths that will be leaving his collection after the jump!


1971-Dodge-Super-Bee-3 1971-Dodge-Super-Bee-2 1971-Dodge-Super-Bee 1971-Dodge-Charger-RT 1971-Dodge-Charger-RT-2 1971-Dodge-Charger-RT-3 1971-Dodge-Charger-RT-Hemi 1971-Dodge-Charger-Sunroof 1969-Dodge-Charger-Daytona 1969-Dodge-Charger-Daytona-2 1970-Dodge-Challenger-TA 1970-Dodge-Charger-500 1970-Plymouth-AAR-Cuda 1967-Dodge-Charger