What Would You Do With a Free 1979 Chrysler Newport?

That was the question asked recently over on Reddit. So what would you do with a free 1979 Chrysler Newport? Just drive it? Mod it? Scrap it? More pics after the jump!


1979-Chrysler-Newport-2 1979-Chrysler-Newport-egine 1979-Chrysler-Newport-interior


6 thoughts on “What Would You Do With a Free 1979 Chrysler Newport?

  1. I would mod it into a stock looking sleeper. Subtle enough, and docile enough to use as an everyday driver; enough RB Block under the hood to scare the snot out of the punk in the Camaro I just left in the dust.

  2. if it ran, i’d sure as hell buff/polish/clean the hell out of that bad boy, add a mint set of 80-81 cordoba aluminum 5 spoked rims and a nice set of T/A radials. dump the leanburn, add alum intake/holley, set of headers and full duals, tint the windows, make sure the A/C blows ice cubes, sit back and ENJOY!!!!

  3. It needs some air ride to get it low to the ground. Also I would add some cool lace work and fancy paint like the customs of old.

  4. 318, TorqueFlite, and automatic speed control = a perfect daily driver, and kept STOCK ORIGINAL. When last I heard of my former 1980 LeBaron (M-body), it still was running fine with the original 318 and TorqueFlite at 250,000 miles.

    Yes; I know that I’m “weird,” but that’s my honest opinion. A few years ago I missed buying a modified 1965 Imperial that the previous owner had converted from a 4-door to a 2-passenger coupe with a 4-speed manual trans. I would have loved to own that!

  5. i would restore it with a white top and a mint green metal flake paint and dayton 15″wire wheels.then drive it every day.had one did up that way and lost it in a garage fire.

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