Win Two Plum Crazy Hemi Dodge Challengers

Here’s another opportunity to win a cool Mopar. Actually, two of them: Hemi Plum Crazy Dodge Challengers, new and old. Oh, and they give you cash, too, so you can actually keep them instead of selling them to pay Uncle Sam! All proceeds go to to support children’s charities. More at¬†Thanks to Darren for the tip!


16 thoughts on “Win Two Plum Crazy Hemi Dodge Challengers

  1. LOVE DODGES…… I actually own past and present 5 of them… I swear by them. My Chargers and I have been in many snow storms where advice was given I shouldn’t drive. They have pulled me through every time.

  2. I can dream, can’t I? Well, at least I have my “mini-Challenger” (Caliber SRT-4).

  3. My ex boyfriend got me into mopars and i have been in love with them since

  4. I once owned a 70 “Cuda” 340/pistal grip 4spd. I loved that car still. Unfortunately I don’t have that car. Sold it along time ago and my behind has been sore since then (kicking it). I have owned many mopars since then and my last is a 95 dodge dakota extended cab, magnum-318-auto. I’ve always wanted to find another Cuda (hopefully the same) but l know that’ll never happen. I do love the old as well as the new Challengers. But again things in life just make it hard to happen to aquire one. They will always be a dream car to me and envious to those that can and afford them. I got this website to register for the old and the new Challengers but as it happens I can’t even do that. Either this site one can’t or that there is an only member thing can. It is what it is and I wasn’t ment to I guess. My best to the winner and I can still dream !

  5. I would love to win these beautiful car’s,Please consider my chance to win..Thank you very much….

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