Wrap Up From the Charles Kee Estate Sale

The Charles Kee Estate Sale was May 8th and 9th in Brothers, Oregon and it was a blast to attend. They had 1000 boxes of parts for sale and 200 cars, most of it Mopar! I was there from the front lines bidding and buying parts along with a bunch of other Mopar fanatics.  The cars ended up going for pretty cheap, most at not much more than scrap prices with a few exceptions. The parts were a little more expensive but lots of treasures were to be found in the hundreds and hundreds of banana boxes that Charles Kee used to store stuff.  It is hard to show the scale of how many parts were here but we tried with this picture.


What We Bought:

I went down with my brother who really wanted the 1968 Plymouth Sport Fury Convertible with a 440 4-speed. It was a pretty nice car that needed some work but in my mind was the best car of the auction. When the bidding started all I did was hold the bidder card up and never put it down. The bidding kept on going up but the other two people we were bidding against me looked at my face which said I am getting this car no matter what and they stopped. My brother ended up getting the car for $2800 which we felt was a good deal; we were willing to go much higher to get it. My brother also got a good parts car later in the auction for only $350 that has good quarter panels and extensions.


In hindsight I should have bid on more cars, a lot of them went really cheap but the auction was 5 hours each way from home and I just decided it wasn’t worth making a bunch of trips back and forth to get the cars. The one I really regret not getting was a 1968 Plymouth Fury III with a 383-4 HP motor. It was one of the most original cars I have ever seen and loaded too, it had dual mirrors, AM/FM radio, PS, PB and a light package. I got outbid by an online bidder 3 separate times and got mad and didn’t but more, should have. Here is a picture of the car.


Now parts were a different matter. I ended up filling most of the back of my truck with some good parts. The best scores were one box that I just bought because it had a convertible rear seat metal panel in it but we found a 1956 Chrysler 300C 150 MPH speedo in it! Also scored some nice NOS parts including a 1968 Imperial front turn signal lens, a pair of 1967 Chrysler 300 tail lights, a couple of air grabber dash switches, a set of 14×7 5 x 4 bolt pattern slots and a 1968 Dodge Charger rallye dash.