Ultra Low Mileage Dodges at Auction

Four ultra low mileage 80’s Dodge vehicles went across the block at a recent Mecum auction. The tem “low mileage” may be misleading. The 1987 Daytona has just 22 miles, the 1986 Lancer has 28 miles, the 1988 Colt Vista wagon has 41 miles, and the high mileage (for this group) 1984 Mini Ram conversion van has a whopping 71 miles! While they’re not Hemi ‘Cudas or Superbirds, these time capsules are still somewhat intriguing. Find more info at Hemmings. More pics after the jump!


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Meet the Coroner

Check out this awesome new feature on Speedhunters on “The Coroner” located in Sweden.

“In essence, what he’s done is take a 1968 Dodge Coronet with a 1969 front end, plus a 2007 Dodge Charger, and blend them together to create something that looks old from the outside, but has all the luxuries and performance you’d expect from a modern muscle car at its core.”

More pics after the jump, but be sure to check out the full feature on Speedhunters!


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