Ownerless Charger Daytona Barn Find

Automotive Archaeology began three years ago by featuring this 1969 Charger Daytona resting outside a Wisconsin barn. The editor, Ryan Brutt, had kept in contact with the family but sadly, he has now discovered that the car’s original owner has passed away. Here’s hoping his family finds a good home for the car. Find more info at Hot Rod. More pics after the jump.




One thought on “Ownerless Charger Daytona Barn Find

  1. Back in the mid ‘70s, my buddy’s older brother bought a 1969 Charger. The first week he had the car, going around a curve a little too fast, he went over an embankment wrapping the car around a tree at the bottom. He and his passenger were miraculously unhurt. They both climbed up the embankment and were hoping to catch a ride home. My buddy’s brother remembered he had not locked the doors on the Charger so decide to climb back down. Not sure what he was thinking, no one was going to steal that car. On the climb down he tripped, tumbled down the hill and broke his leg. Serves him right, the car was totaled.

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